The ordering process

   I create painterly  stories with dark, lyrical narrative.

    While all the self-help books, gurus, advise us to "live in the present”, I invite you here, to live in the past.

    Past, as a pensive introspection rather than a period drama, but at the same time I love to indulge in rich Victorian and gothic aesthetics with their dark, dripping, luxuriously baroque melancholy.

   Melancholy, which now, amid modern minimalism, LIVE LAUGH LOVE,  eco-hippy and pop-arty aesthetics, seems to be a lost art…

In my art, sadness seems to be almost celebrated, as if through a series of rites, nearly religious in their devotion.

   It is rarely a raw, direct despair, rather its aftermath, a delicate residue left with passage of time. As Italo Calvino said, "melancholy is the sadness which has taken on lightness" 

   From the technical side, my workflow feels more akin to that of a painter rather  than purely a photographer.

    I first work on a mental sketch of the picture, this can be a long process, I carry the vision sometimes for months before it comes to life. Later, I carefully stage the image, I "direct" and "act" the part (I model and co-model for most of my artwork as this gives me the feeling of fully owning the picture) , I lit and compose it, but with all these steps, I feel, the photograph straight out of the camera is mearly a product of a machine.

   It is only through a careful, patient post-processing that it acquires its artistic value. It is in front of my Mac that the most creatively fulfilling part begins...

   I work on every detail with digital brushstrokes and pencils, enchancing patches of light and shade, penciling lines and re-touching textures to make the earth more earthy, leaves more leafy, porcelain more fragile...

   Human face is touched deep to its skin texture, its delicate capilaries around irises, glimmers around pupils, nuances of light and expression.

   The last stage, printing, is equally important, it has to preserve all the details, gradiations, colour palette it has to "sing"! For this reason I use only giclee prints on high quality archival paper (please refer to my Print section for more information)

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