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Print  quality & my guarantees 

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Machine prints done by high volume labs offering low prices and quick turnaround cannot be considered fine art. For this reason, I use giclee printincredibly rich and detailed fine art print with exceptional quality that retains minute detail, subtle tints and blends otherwise lost in standard prints.

Giclee print is done  using specialist printers, archival quality, fade-resistant inks and acid free art  papers, so you can be sure your picture will not fade or deteriorate over time. (well, at least for a hundred  to two hundred years you will not need to worry about that. ..)  

 My print quality is  under a lifetime guarantee.  If you see any deterioration in colour or fading over time I offer an exchange on receipt of the damaged item.  This is regardless of how long ago you have purchased your picture.  Having said that please kindly familiarise yourself with artwork care instructions in FAQ section of my SHOP page   I would however not recommend hanging your print in the direct sunlight and without protective glass/ plexiglass surface and ideally would avoid sunlight strong exposure altogether. 

   My prints are released in numbered limited editions,  signed . At the back you will find a price tag and a certificate of authenticity with your  edition number.  

   They will be shipped  from UK by tracked delivery, in a strong, protective cardboard tube. The price tag , the certificate of authenticity and edition number will be included . 

   Some of my customers may remember my prints being shipped flat and mounted.  I decided it would be more convenient to ship them in a tube ; it also substantially cuts the postage costs added to your purchase. 

   Similarly,  I decided I will leave the mounting to you as it is better to choose the right colour/shade when you actually have the print in front of you. You may  also choose not to leave any margin around your print (which is not typical but this is my personal preference and this is how I display my framed pictures in the gallery "How It May Look In Your Home")  

   By default, I use 2.5 cm white border added to the actual size of the print. If you wish to have a wider border please contact me and  will arrange for it to be added before printing. There is a small additional charge for the wider border.  

   If you live locally (Bristol area, UK) you are welcome to pick up your print in person which will  obviously save you the shipping costs. 

   I appreciate that acquiring a fine art is a substantial investment and therefore I would like to give you  a reassurance of my guarantees. 

   If for some reason, your print becomes damaged during shipping , I will offer you a full refund or  exchange following the  receipt of the damaged item. and I will cover your return postage. 


   The framed artwork displayed on your wall will be your everyday companion  and it is essential that you feel  emotional connection with it. It should enrich your  environment  making you feel inspired  and uplifted. But what if this somehow does not happen,  what if you feel that you made a wrong decision on a whim or an impulse?  

  I can appreciate it might sometimes happen and therefore, in case you change your mind after purchase, you are welcome to send it back for a full refund within 30 days period or exchange it, if you wish to chose a different artwork from my gallery.  

In that scenario, you would need to  covers the postage cost and the print would need to be in its original condition. 


   Currently, I offer prints mostly in one size which is their natural  pixel count size to ensure the best resolution and quality (on some occasions the size range might be  extended, please send me a message if you would like a larger print, although not always,  on some occasions it may be possible

   As you might have noticed , my artwork varies in sizes  therefore the below is  an approximate guide  serving  as a point of departure to allow for slight variations (this is especially the case with large panoramic prints due to their different dimensions).

   The  price is quoted below the descriptive text accompanying the artwork . 

Approximate price linked to the print  size example:

25 inches (65 cm) x 25 inches (65 cm) : £650

The shipping cost will be added at checkout stage on

SHOP website to offer you guidance on your total investment. 

Some of artworks which you see in the galleries on AnnaAndertonArt.com  may not be currently included on my SHOP page, please  contact me if you cannot see your chosen picture and I will add it to the catalogue 

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